Ant Century Has Two Major Businesses: Ant Express and Recycling Ant

Place Your Delivery Order In Mobile APP




In order to facilitate our customers, Ant Express has launched a specialized delivery APP, you can quickly place a delivery order, and Ant Express will respond quickly and receive the goods for you within the scheduled time. You are able to check the transportation track and receipt status at any time.

Multiple Payment Methods



Ant Express has a variety of payment methods, you can make prepayment or cash on delivery. On the premise of ensuring the timely delivery of items, we are flexible and diverse.

Dropshipping Express



Ant Express has a high-standard transit warehouse, which can provide customers with storage and dropshipping services. It can better meet the customer's fast delivery needs and the storage needs of selling goods.

Open ToJoin


Ant Express aims to increase local employment and encourage capable people to start businesses to gain more wealth. We have opened up site franchising and vehicle franchising to contribute to Nigeria's logistics industry.

Professional Logistics Consignment

Giving Ant Express A Trust Is Equivalent To Giving The Express Delivery Industry An Opportunity


Recycling Ant Business